Felt Saddle Pads for the Performance Horse

Designed and developed for the performance horse, Rittlings’ Pure Merino Wool Felt Saddle Pads feature the smoothest, softest and most durable felt and provide incredible shock absorption. With an profile of only 13mm they will not interfere with your saddle fit. Rittlings Felt Saddle Pads are handmade in the USA, using only the best materials.¬†Custom design orders are welcome.

Simply Superior

Felt is the ideal material for performance saddle pads, because felt combines all the benefits sheepskin or fur saddle pads have to offer. But unlike fur saddlepads, which have a thick profile, felt packs all the benefits (such as shock absorption, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, etc…) into a much thiner profile. So, if you have a well fitting saddle, you will want to use a felt saddle pad to improve your horse’s performance, comfort and health while maintaining a perfect fit for your saddle.

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