Quality Equestrian Products for the Performance Horse

Rittlings Story

Rittlings was created in 2013 by two Germans who share a passion for horse and riding as well as for quality, practicality and style. The recurring frustration of not finding top quality equestrian products such as halters and saddle pads in rural California drove us to put our creative and professional minds together to bring these kinds of products to the market. And Rittlings was born.

If I put the time and money into buying a new halter for one of my horses, I expect it to be made of the best materials and put together really well. I don’t want to have to go back and return it because it’s faulty or otherwise disappointing, and I don’t want to have to buy a replacement a year later, because it broke. – M. Kahle

Rittlings Philosophy

Quality Equestrian Products for Everyone!

All Rittlings products are made from the most suitable, durable, healthy and stylish materials. We don’t believe in cutting corners in order to save money, because we have learned over and over that second class products come at a much higher cost than the price tags attached to them: they can harm horse and rider! But even if they don’t have such a dramatic and disastrous effect, they waste your time and frustrate you because they don’t last, and in the end you have to buy a replacement -resulting in higher overall cost. So, we go out of our way to find the very best materials that are best suited for the job. Take our saddle pads for example: experience and research taught us that wool is by far the most suitable material because of several qualities inherent to wool:

  • Wool naturally wicks moisture, meaning that if your horse sweats a wool pad will never become heavy and soaking with sweat. Consequently the pad stays clean longer, your horse stays more fresh and comfortable and you, the rider have a more relaxed horse.
  • Wool is breathable, meaning that your horse won’t sweat as much in the first place because air flow allows your horse to stay cooler.
  • Wool has anti bacterial qualities, meaning that your pad won’t ever be fertile ground for disease and your horse won’t get infections. Combined with the breathability of wool, your horse will be more ¬†protected from skin conditions like fungus and allergies as well.
  • Sheepskin as well as felt are highly shock absorbant. In fact, felt is used in industrial applications because of it’s superior shock absorbing qualities.
  • Wool is a natural material, and as such is sustainable and does not contribute to any landfills or global warming.
  • Wool is soft and beautiful.

Doesn’t your horse deserve wool?