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Wool and Sheepskin Shampoo for Saddle Pads
All Rittlings Sheepskin Saddle Pads ship with a FREE bottle of our Wool and Sheepskin Shampoo!

Considering the benefits quality sheepskin saddle pads have, it is surprising some riders still opt for gel or foam pads. There are a number of scientific studies that prove beyond doubt that gel and foam pads are inferior, sometimes even harmful, compared to pads made from fur and hide.

Many horse owners purchase gel saddle pads in the belief that they are shock absorbing, and thus worth the higher cost. However, sheepskin is much more effective in absorbing the kind of shock that a rider creates on the horse’s back. Gel may work well for reducing pressure on your feet while walking, but the impact of a rider on a horse in motion is very different than walking and is not absorbed well by gel. Foam does even worse and in addition wears out quickly. And while these pads may be ‘cheaper’ than a quality sheepskin pad, your horse is paying the price dearly – first in comfort, later in health issues. Only sheepskin or felt pads have the shock absorption powerful enough for the exact impact a rider has on a moving horse. An important additional benefit that sheepskin or felt have is that the material is breathable and moisture wicking – meaning that your horse won’t sweat nearly as much as it would under a gel or foam pad. This in turn will allow your horses to perform at their best. So, a quality sheepskin saddle pad improves your horse’s performance and health now and in the future.

Doesn’t your horse deserve a Rittlings Saddle Pad?

Rittlings Story

Rittlings was created in 2013 by two Germans who share a passion for horse and riding as well as for quality, practicality and style. The recurring frustration of not finding top quality halters and saddle pads in rural California drove us to put our creative and professional minds together to bring these kinds of products to the market. And Rittlings was born.

If I put the time and money into buying a new halter for one of my horses, I expect it to be made of the best materials and put together really well. I don’t want to have to go back and return it because it’s faulty or otherwise disappointing, and I don’t want to have to buy a replacement a year later, because it broke. – M. Kahle

Why Sheepskin & Wool

Sheepskin’s natural properties make it the material of choice for saddle pads. Although wool and sheepskin especially are expensive, the cost is often off-set by the long term savings and benefits.

  • Wool is shock absorbent – wool fibers are strong and aligned so they provide padding and excellent shock absorption.
  • Wool is soft – wool products offer a sumptuous softness and tactile appeal.
  • Wool stays clean – wool fibers retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease.
  • Wool resists odors – wool’s natural oils are resistant to cooking smells and household odors.
  • Wools retains it’s shape – wool fibers bend and recover their shape naturally, retaining their lush bounce.
  • Wool is hard to burn – wool fibre is flame retardant up to 600º C.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic – wool doesn’t cause allergies.
  • Wool adjusts to the climate – wool is warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.
  • Wool is sustainable – woolskins are the product of sustainable farming practices* and biodegrade.